New York, NY 2022 - Talon Travels

So I am starting this blog up again? I guess I am.

In the future you can expect one post per month, but for now, lets get into the location for this post: New York City.

Cue the Frank Sinatra. "New York, NEW YORK!" Or Beyonce if that is more of your thing.

It feels good to be writing about home. I was born and raised here, but I am going to spare you my life story. We are just going to focus on the summer of 2022; my pitstop ot home before going on my year long sabbatical.

Having left Florida to return home was a hard choice, but it would allow me to save money and say goodbye to family before leaving for Europe.

These last couple of months in the United States were filled with intense work, reconnecting with old friends, skateboarding, and a ton of partying.

One particular party stood out. My friend is an event organizer and decided to throw a party surrounding some underground boxing matches.

Think about this: you enter this whole in the wall, with bouncers that require you to have a special invite, and then go into an old school boxing gym to party and watch some athletes compete. A great idea and it had an epic execution.

This is one of the many amazing experiences you can only find in NYC.

As I have been traveling around the world this past year, wherever I go, when people ask me where I am from, and I answer they always say "New York?! Why are you out here then?"

The answer is quite complex. Even though I grew up in the greatest city in the world, why would I want to stay there. Life is all about growth,